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Our Orbit & The Signs

Interesting Aspects of The Earth's Orbit Around The Sun

1st SIX-Virgo♍ 13515 UCC


(21st August 2014 Gregorian)


The UCC balances the year by having 5 special days and 12 equal months of 30 Days called 'Triads'

These Triads closely align with the Astrological 'Sun Signs' of the Tropical Zodiac, each of which is 30° of our Orbit

(The Tropical Zodiac Sun Signs form the 12 months of the Year and an ancient calendar)


The Triads & Sun Signs



The Mean Distance from Earth to the Sun is used by astronomers as an 'Astronomical Unit' (AU) to measure large distances

Mean Distance


But, our Orbit is slightly elliptical with its 'Apsides' axis running approximately through the middle of Cancer♋ and Capricorn♑

Orbit Eccentricity


When the Sun☉ is in Mid Cancer♋ the Earth, in Mid Capricorn♑, is at its maximum distance - 'Aphelion'
So the Sun☉ is in the Sign/Month of Cancer♋ longest as we have the greatest distance to cover




Conversely, when the Sun☉ is in Mid Capricorn♑ the Earth, in Mid Cancer♋, is at its minimum distance - 'Perihelion'

So the Sun☉ is in the Sign/Month of Capricorn♑ shortest as we have the least distance to cover




If we measure the time (shown in minutes) that the Sun is in each Sign/Month we can see a pattern start to emerge

The Sign/Months around the Aphelion point are longer than average

Those around the Perihelion point are shorter than average

The Longest & Shortest Sign/Months


In terms of their length the Sign/Months fall into Odd and Even groups either side of the Solstice axis of the Solar Cross ⊕

The Northern Signs (Aries♈ - Virgo♍) are the 6 longest whilst the Southern Signs (Libra♎ - Pisces♓) are the 6 shortest


Odd & Even Sign/Months


The Sign/Months Ranked Longest to Shortest

1. Cancer♋

2. Gemini♊

3. Leo♌

4. Taurus♉

5. Virgo♍

6. Aries♈

7. Libra♎

8 Pisces♓

9. Scorpio♏

10. Aquarius♒

11. Sagittarius♐

12. Capricorn♑


Note: In the UCC we have Triad Months each of 30 Days for ease of use


The Sun takes slightly longer to Descend from the Cancer♋Solstice to the Capricorn♑Solstice than to Ascend again

The Lengths of the Quarters


Northern Spring & Summer (UCC Q1 & Q2), when the Sun is above the Celestial Equator, are the longest Seasons

Northern Autumn & Winter (UCC Q3 & Q4), when the Sun is below the Celestial Equator, are the shortest Seasons


The Seasons Ranked Longest to Shortest:

1. Northern Hemisphere Summer/Southern Hemisphere Winter (UCC Q2) - Cancer♋, Leo♌ & Virgo♍

2. Northern Hemisphere Spring/Southern Hemisphere Autumn (UCC Q1) - Aries♈, Taurus♉ & Gemini♊

3. Northern Hemisphere Autumn/Southern Hemisphere Spring (UCC Q3) - Libra♎, Scorpio♏ & Sagittarius♐

4. Northern Hemisphere Winter/Southern Hemisphere Summer (UCC Q4) - Capricorn♑, Aquarius♒ & Pisces♓


In the UCC we have Quarter/Seasons each of 90 Days (3 Triads of 30 Days) for ease of use and to Balance the Year



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